Friday, February 15, 2008

Why I am glad we had a girl

In light of the shootings in Illinois yesterday, my coworker and I were talking about the impact on parents these shootings have.
I am dismayed at why these boys are killing kids and teachers, at their own schools, for that matter. I did not raise or did not BRING my baby into this world just to have her go to a college and get shot. Nor did anyone else.

I think this falls into bad parenting and what social pressures are put on (mainly) boys.

Read: Chicago Tribune story

Read also: Portland (Maine) Press Herald

Parents, if IS your responsibility to raise your kids the best you can. But please do not just rely on teachers to do YOUR job.
I am new to this area ( parenting ) and there is NO one book on how to treat your kid or what NOT to say to them, but I do believe as parents we have the gift and job of enriching our child's lives, and being INVOLVED in their lives as much as possible.

I would love to hear other thoughts on this issue.

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