Thursday, May 15, 2008

You found your hands

I decided that this blog also needs to be a journal of events in hadley's life. Milestones if you will. So if you are interested here we go.

Last week you found your hands. You stare at them as if they are unattached from your body and are an alien coming in to snatch your soul. You are fascinated by them. You are leary of them. You are hungry for them. 

You are also crossing your arms now. Think, "sup, holmes." It is so cute. You are thinking. You are pondering. You are only 5.5 months old

You want to speak. You DO speak but in your own language. We THINK you have said Dad ( sounds like "dah." Also we think you have said "oh boy" and "hi". We KNOW you have said "hi". You are finding your voice which is so cute. You shriek, cackle and hum. You are the cutest.

We love your leaps and bounds.

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