Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Distraction: Books

Scenario: Baby has wet, dirty diaper

Problem: Arms and legs flailing about like a cat on a leash and high-pitched shrieking enough to clean out your eardrums.

Solution: Books. Toys. Mirror.

Hadley has never been one to LIKE to sit still. She would rather be playing on the floor, walking the walls, or pushing her purple hippo cart down the hallway. So, when it comes to getting a diaper change....she goes nuts. She even uses her eyes and cuteness to persuade me NOT to take her into her room, onto the changing table.

For the past three weeks, every since she has made serious headway in crawling, what I call wall-walking, sitting up on her own and standing from sitting, she has become impossible to change. I have tried everything at my disposal. From her little rattle toys to pointing at squirrels outside her window. Nothing works anymore. They used to, but not lately.

SO about a week ago, I decided another distraction...books! I grabbed another of her new favorites, COLORS, and BAM! it worked. Quiet, calm baby. She now just grabs the book and begins reading it....upsidedown, through the entire diaper change "ordeal."

So, when all else fails....try something new.

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King of New York Hacks said...

hell I still use books when I have to go, i guess thats how I got the habit as well, LOL