Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hadley 13.5 months

This is our little sweetheart.
She is making leaps and bounds. She now is almost completely walking everywhere- i.e: no crawling, getting into everything....i mean EVERYTHING from bib draws, spice rack drawers, and trash cans. She has taken one major fall INTO the trash can and busted up her lip something good. She even knows now how to crawl UP stairs and can do the feet first/butt first DOWN stairs and off the couch.

I do not have a word count to date but it must be up over 30. She loves Ball, Titta ( for Tica, our female dachsie) and Titta for Gibson too. She can say Apple - yes, THAT apple, dog, O, owl, woof, more, hi, nana, gamma, papa, gampa, mama, daddah, and of course....shit.

i love you hadley.

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Eric said...

Apple! Yes! Get her started early!