Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Respecting and appreciating the garden

This is our first BIG tomato and Hadley was super proud of it. I swear I did not tell her to raise it up and say YAY! Every day she waddles out to the garden, shoeless sometimes, to see if there are any ripe 'matos. Every day she tries to pick some green ones but we explain to her that these are not done yet. She finally is getting it.

Last week I brought home a praying mantis from the deck of our building. He wasn't doing to well but I thought getting a taste of our leafy garden would snap him out of it. Hadley loved him. Mantis! Mantis! she called. Well the next day he was next to dead and the following morning his head was gone. That was actually a sad yet optimistic sign. I want to have the Mantids in our yard and the beheading just means there were some female mantids hanging around the tomato plants, although we have yet to spot any.

As for the tomatoes and the garden, the youngest Gannon is getting the hang of watching the fruit grown and reaping its rewards.

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